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Democrats Are the Silent Majority -- For Now

loadstar Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:04 PM
Did you see that many electrical workers, plumbers, etc., set out to help with storm disaster relief but were TURNED BACK and told to go back home because they were not union guys?! Yeah, it is only right to make the old, infirm, dying, cold, and hungry suffer to preserve Obama's union brethren! Like those UAW icons of virtue O protected (screwing secured parties, ironically including union bondholders out of BILLIONS) when the B/R court should have flushed out those FAT union contracts paying them TWICE what they get to make Toyotas and Hondas right here in right to work states...and they line up for those jobs!
Don't get too depressed, Republicans; the national decline will be divvied up justly. After all, in a liberal nation, there is no higher calling than fairness.

And a liberal nation it is. The electorate is complicated, and factors of culture and geography can dictate party identification more than any specific policy. And yes, the Republicans rolled out some ghastly candidates. But that shouldn't fool anyone; there's been a fundamental shift in how Americans view government's role in society, and the GOP is losing the argument.

There was no theoretical hope peddling this time around. There was a record. And Barack Obama also promised...