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Busting Open Energy's Den of Deception

loadstar Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 8:04 AM
TROLL ALERT! "Edsiccors" is likely the latest morphing of a HuffPuff reject spam poster and provocateur! Have you all-American, conservative folks noticed that we are being barraged by Leftist spam posts as the election bewitching hour approaches by strange names like "thabber," "rachelmadcow," and "Petya"? They might well simply be new morphs/iterations/face changes of alison, Olive/ Ray Ancle/ Zapdoodat/ saawshank/ Denis3957, et al.-- and now "artdemeer" and "poseur" and "Edsiccors" Of course, they add no value...just a waste of cyberspace...anomalous propagation of puerile bile

Benghazi isn’t the only White House cover up being exposed through leaked emails. State Department staffers aren’t the only career officials being blamed for President Obama’s inexperience, questionable judgment, and obvious cover up. A similar saga has just been exposed in the latest chapter of the green-energy crony-corruption scandal.

On October 30, The Daily Caller ran a feature titled: As many as fifty Obama backed green energy companies bankrupt or troubled. The piece cited the work Christine Lakatos and I did in our three-part “green-energy failures” series released in October. Immensely popular, the DC article was picked up by numerous...