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Au Revoir, Mr. President

loadstar Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 7:54 AM
Wanna' bet? In any case, if the ObaMessiah pulls off still another con, America truly is in SERIOUS trouble! Greece and Spain, here we come! In my 60 years, I have never seen a POTUS submit 2 budgets that got voted down 532-0! He could not even get socialist Bernie Sanders' vote because the budgets were that farcical! The One cares not at all about fiscal is all about "buy the votes and perpetuate guvment!"
Reviewing the last few months of this tumultuous presidential campaign, I see the debates as having a wondrous salience. The first was the most momentous since Nixon vs. Kennedy, though that 1960 confrontation was mostly a matter of cosmetics. Listening to it on radio, many in the audience came away thinking that the participant with the five-o'clock shadow had won. That would have been Richard Nixon.

In debate this time around, Mitt Romney hammered Barack Obama mercilessly. Under the ongoing assault Obama's knees buckled and he repeatedly looked glassy-eyed. If the contest were a prizefight, the referee would have stepped...