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And They Want To Run Health Care

loadstar Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 10:10 AM
A CLEAR majority opposes ObamaCare...many of the rest do not understand that the Affordable Care Act will INCREASE the cost of H/C. How do we know? Simply look at the track record of the federal guvment in H/C. By 1990, 25 years into Medicare, guvment was spending 900%(!) of the original CBO cost projections on Medicare-- AFTER adjusting for inflation! What is a KEY lesson here? Guvment SOARS the cost of any service delivery it gets involved with. After all, we have to pay for all of the partying jaunts to L.V. and Hawaii and bonuses for bureaucrats who orchestrated them!

Many people are ever suspicious of the private sector and fervently believe that government should control certain segments of our economy. This wishful (and delusional) thinking is most prevalent in the health care industry, where the left regrets not having passed a single-payer (government-controlled) system instead of ObamaCare. Having recently undergone a painful interaction with the federal government, I can only wonder what planet these people are from. The experience made me doubt why almost anything would be left in the hands of federal bureaucrats.

This story begins with something the government did that was good; but, as usual, they found...