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Amnesty Will Not Draw Hispanics to the GOP

loadstar Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 10:58 AM
Fat chance of controlling such giveaways to the new dependent class...the Left has perfected this game over decades. a telling concurrent comment (slight edit)... lchapman Wrote: I live in one of most illegal-alien plagued areas of S. Calif. (Mexifornia)...a poll among ILLEGALS showed that over 70% of them came across the border, not for the freedoms we have, but because they like the big government we have ("free stuff"). Hmmm

In 2006 and 2007, Republicans promoting amnesty favored the cliche, “Immigrants do the jobs American’s won’t do.” It was a bad argument then, and with unemployment still hovering around or over 9%, for the last five years, no one even bothers with that anymore. Instead, Republicans are selling amnesty based solely on political expediency. The new cliche is that Republicans will never win the Hispanic vote unless they support amnesty. John McCain, who led the last great push for amnesty says. "The Republican Party is losing the support of our Hispanic citizens. And we realize this is an issue in which...