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Romney Is Coming On Strong

LoachDriver Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 3:05 PM
Romney seems normal to Tyrrell only because they both are gutless cowards who avoided military service and they both worship the god Mammon.
WASHINGTON -- There are some campaign advisers who would counsel former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to jog on the campaign trail tirelessly, probably in short pants and with a catchy T-shirt emblazoned with some memorable phrase, say, "Fred Fna Ate Here," a la Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter started the presidential candidates' jogging craze, and since him there have been a horde of presidential joggers, all wearing little boys' outfits, the notable exception being Ronald Reagan -- possibly because, as he campaigned from 1976 on, he was considered too old to be president. On the other hand, the old...