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Cruz Missile

LoachDriver Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 7:18 PM
Murchison indeed looks like an stablishment water carrier; he rattled on for two pages about Cruz' upset victory without once mentioning the Tea Party, the movement largely responsible for Gruz' victory over the establishment's choice, Dewhurst..
Language, in politics, gets you only so far, but sometimes "so far" is far enough. Take 2008. I trust we all remember "hope and change"? We should. It helped propel a previously unknown community organizer into the White House, hence into our lives, as reorganizer-in-chief.

Ted Cruz, "the Republican new man of the moment," according to Fox News' Chris Wallace, has his own gifts as a wordsmith: less sugary, more to be compared with a boxing glove. In the runoff for U. S. senator from the great state of Texas, the previously unknown Cruz whammed the well-known David Dewhurst, talking hard-edge language...