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Michelle Obama: Hey Troops, How About Campaigning for My Husband?

lnorton Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 12:26 PM
Actually, "gutting the military" isn't as bad as it sounds. When the Iraqi and Afghan wars started, the Army issued a lot of waivers on recruiting. Waivers that allowed people with felony records; tats and people who didn't make the physical cuts to enlist. Now that the wars are either over/in drawdown, the "gutting" will reach out to those people. It also would have happened anyway due to manpower needs. Obama didn't even have to "suggest" it. As far as Michelle is concerned, the Troops are wise to her too. She might think they are "hoorahing" her but, I suggest, that the majority of them are just waiting for her to get gone so they can get back to work. Being "encouraged" to listen "to the Brass from DC" is tedious. Been there.

First she tried to tell them what to eat and now, she is encouraging our troops to campaign for her husband's relection campaign.

First lady Michelle Obama, whose advocacy for veterans and their families has defined her tenure in the White House, is now appealing to the constituency for political support for a second Obama term.

The first lady says President Obama has done “everything we can” to support veterans as they transition to civilian life, including boosting the Veterans Affairs budget, increasing access to health care, expanding job training programs and enacting...