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Group Predicts Obama's October Surprise

lneedhelp Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 7:50 PM
I presume there will be an October/November surprise. Problem is, will we believe Obama if they 'hit' an 'Al Queda' base.....they said it was a filmmaker. Will we believe it if they hit anything in Libya, if they have already arrested dozens of people in Libya......whose left? Will we buy the big 'hit' if they blow something up? I think the Obama team underestimates the damage they did by lying so fast, so much, and so unashamedly for weeks re: Libya. It does seem rather late to 'hit' a target, when Obama has spent so much time NOT talking about Libya, blaming everyone else, and throwing Hillary under the bus. Again, who do you hit, and if you do, do WE as a public believe you much anymore.............

Defending Our Democracy has released an online video suggesting that President Barack Obama could be planning an “October surprise” — launching a U.S. military campaign abroad for strictly political purposes.

Newsmax has the details. The scenario presented is very interesting. Here is the video: