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Agreed - great read by Ms. Pavlich - let's just hope enough Americans read up and vote Obama out of office on November 6.
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New Ad Features 'Obama Phone' Lady

lmarklin Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 8:06 AM
Unbelievable. I work a full time job and a part time job to pay for my phones! I am tired of giving help to people who don't need it. Enough already. Obama has got to go!
Why do they keep Soledad O'Brien? She is an embarrassment to CNN, lacks credibility, is obvioulsy biased, and amateurish in her approach to her interviews. She isn't doing CNN any favors in helping to get viewers and some credibility. Rudy Giuliani can hold his own with Soledad. She is a joke
You wouldn't feel that way if your family member was murdered and your government was trying to cover it up, and deflect the blame. You would want EVERYONE to make an issue of it, because it is a big issue and Obama/Clinton need to be held accountable and need to start telling the truth about what happened.
Agreed - nothing happens in the Middle East - especially on the anniversary of 9/11! OBAMA IS A LOSER
The "happy warrior" acted like a jacka#$, was rude, disrespectful to a sitting congressman and to the left-leaning mediator, and didn't seem to have his facts straight, especially on national security. He interrupted Ryan constantly and did nothing to help his reputation as an idiot!
Only in Obama World did Obama win! Obama World Excellent!
Most corrupt President ever. Obama will break any law to get re-elected. What an embarrassment for the American people. Obama has no integrity and neither does his administration. Obama needs to go.
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Image of the Day

lmarklin Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 10:55 AM
Next Commander in Chief - one we can be proud of!
More like he is a very good liar. He has been lying to Americans for years. No one really knows who he is. How will he answer any questions without a teleprompter? His record and lack of any real accomplishments should work against him, but he will twist the truth and do what he always does - LIE!
Rice is an embarrassment just like the rest of the Obama administration. What must Israel think of the United States? Obama and his inexperienced, undiginified team must go. Vote him out - Save America!
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