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Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

lludwig Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 3:17 PM
Does anyone see the war that will shortly follow, and Obamanation will be leading the pack. I hope they are able to stand their ground and realize that this is the only American way to defeat these evil socialist. I also hope all school districts follow their lead.

The trouble with education in this country starts and ends with unions. They are out-of- touch museum relics, fitting for a day that used rotary presses to distribute the news, but wildly inappropriate for an age that‘s both wired and wireless.

Unions have prevented, and continue to prevent, much-needed reforms in education, public finance and government. They cultivate a sense of entitlement wholly out of order for the times, which call for more self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Frankly, unions suck.


They suck the money out of our wallets; they suck productivity out of workers; and suck up all the leavings from the...