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Obama Has No Faith

lludwig Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 5:27 PM
And you do not think that this is an insult as well as an assult on the American People? Obama signed a bill to detain us indefinitely, he signed a bill to kill bald eagles, and also a bill to allow the slaughtering of horses, and what about him apologizing to other countries because America is so evil, and what happened to his transparency promise - please tell me. Also tell me why he passes bills to remove our food, medical supplies, self protection if he chooses to, and why he needs to pass Marshall law bill against us. You can also explain to me why he needs so many thugs with him in OUR WHITE HOUSE? And how about the anti-hording bill that prevents us from having more than a months worth of food in our own homes.

Acts of faith are performed each day in this country, and we are all the better for it. But sadly, Barack Obama does not seem to have faith in the American system, nor does he believe in American exceptionalism, nor does he believe that Americans can make it on their own without government handouts.

In short, Obama doesn’t have faith in us.

Faith has become an inflammatory topic in the 2012 election. In policy, speeches and campaign ads, the president has used faith as a means to demagogue his Republican opponent. Faith has been used by the left-wing extremists