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Fans ask – “Is the NFL fixed?”

lludwig Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 7:33 AM
absolutely they are fixed. besides taxpayers paying for their elaborate stadiums, but the NFL are all Tax Exempt as well, so why in the world are they tax exempt? they are not religious, they are not a charity, so why why why do people go to see them and cheer and root for them and pay them hundreds of their hard earned dollars when the corrupt owners and politicians are playing them on the underground gambling rings, and making millions because they already know which team is going to win? Wake up sheeple!!!!!
why don't you just go and eff yourself? I am sure you enjoy your own company very much since your are a classical Pathological Narcissistic Insane Sycophant. The world needs no more enemies with jerks like you running amok of our planet. your mommy and daddy must be elated with pride over their self centered jerk of a son, or are you one of those other things that thinks he is a woman.
omg all you have to do is look into the eyes of these two women, they are full of stupid, not one sign of wisdom emanating from either one of them. a vote for them is a vote for stupid ignorance again.
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