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Unprecedented Presidential Posturing

Lloyd99 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 12:33 PM
None are so blind as those who cannot see the truth. What makes it worse, is the fact that Obama warned the people time after time of what he intended to do, and also told us that he would stand by his Muslim friends, even if it involved conflict with the United States. Yet the very people he wants to destroy elected him President, and continue to follow and believe every lie he tells them. The mass media prints news items about government projects and activities as though they are all done by Obama alone. They continue to make every effort to convince the people, get them used to the fact, that we have one man rule in our country. And our Congress and Supreme Court sit idly by, letting him assume powers that are not granted him.
theabnranger Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 8:36 AM
Yes, when we have a supremely egotistical control-freak--one who tells the world clearly what he intends to do, even though he has no real accomplishment in his life at the time he writes his self-aggrandizing manifesto--we had better listen. There are too many parallels to what was written in Landsberg a little under 90 years ago. Only fools ignore this kind of behavior.
Last week, responding to President Obama's latest populist assault on the wealthy, I issued a commentary in which I explained why his ideas about American economic history were fundamentally flawed. As dangerous and erroneous as those views are, at least I can cut the President some slack for commenting on a subject in which he really has no basis for expertise.
Hailing from academia and local community organizing, Barack Obama likely did not spend huge amounts of time boning up on economic history. However, there are other subjects where he should find firmer footing....