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Diane Sawyer Versus 'Too Rich' Romney

Lloyd99 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 10:13 AM
Sawyer is the last person that should be asking Romney about his wealth, and the fact that he has no knowledge of the working class and their problems. She and her husband probably make more in a year that Obama does, and the don't seem to have or want a family. She is a typical liberal (socialist) that believes she and her kind should have the best of everything, while the common people are there only to serve them. She is a member of the elite ruling class, and the rest of us are the working class. Romney's election would block Obama's goal to ruin our form of government, and being a strong supporter of Obama, Sawyer cannot bear to see that happen. The welfare of our country and it's citizens is not important to her.

Republican strategists should generally be wary of campaign advice from liberals -- and when it's from the media, generally becomes definitely. Washington Post political writer Chris Cillizza recently suggested Mitt Romney's general-election strategy should start with getting a "positive first introduction" to voters through the liberal media because "only the national media can provide that megaphone and serve as a sort of validator for him."

How hard did he laugh after he wrote that?

No Republican should think he could end-run the liberal media establishment entirely and not suffer damage. Ask Dick Cheney. On the other hand, no...