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Yes, and it had the same effects as global warming and was man made.
I'm trying to decide if you are a believer or an unbeliever. You have a right to be either, but if you are a believer with nothing to guide your belief, what ibasis is there? Even the Catholic say they believe what the bible says although I agree they rarely follow it. If the Bible is not the word of God, then what earthly purpose does it have? If it is the word of God, do you think it lies? I know you may be like O'Reilly and believe it is allegory. I notice he never says which is or isn't or how he determined that. I did hear him state that his writings are history and laughed at someone who said the bible was the only real history we have. In short, God lies.
Oh I am not so certain liberals love the geography either. The butt list is awful huge for lefties to say they love America. And Joe, anyone who sides with them is guilty.
Why? We sure as hell didn't vote Obama in. Let Democrats choose districts and you will find some strange designs. Sheila is no worse than Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer or any other Democrat in this country. At least she is not barring drink sizes.
Democratic idiots is a redundancy.
You need to check your state. Over half the Senate are Democrats and all are on equal footing with Lee. In the House there are two hundred more and they just won an election in the Presidency. There is plenty of room for blame. Sheila doesn't think there are 57 states ( at least I haven't heard her say it.) Nor has she said, " My Muslim faith tells me...." as Obama did.
What happened to the mere suggestion of impropriety is grounds for investigation?
Please be more specific. There are a lot of stupid nitwits in DC. Several reside in the GOP, but the greater majority are Democrats. Sheila is a reflection of the myriad Democratic intellectual. Her boss thinks there are 57 states and a memorial is for living people.
I can't think of one off hand. Words like Chicago and food stamps remind them of racism. Not only do they want to change the world, they would like to change the past. The left hasn't had a good killing spree since Cambodia and thirst for a little more blood.
She is from the ghettos of Houston where all the Katrina people relocated.
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