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Did he go to sleep and then to Las Vegas to campaign the next morning? Did he send Susan Wright out to lie or put some jerk in California jail for making the video. Where did your information about orders issued come from. Do I think you would lie? You are a liberal.
So why does he stay a Democrat? Because he is a Marxist redistributionist? Why would you be a Democrat if you do not believe what all of them vote for? Yes, we have the problem in the Republican party, socialist who want exactly what the Democrats want except a bit slower. What kind of article is this? I have never heard anyone propose salvaging a Republican because he votes against Bush or Regan..
If all scientist agree, why would we need agreement?
Neither did Ernest Hollings. Any man who could remain a Democrat for 22 years has little room to talk, escpecially an incoherent like Hollings.
Co2 makes vegetation grow and helps produce oxygen. If we stop producing it, we will become like Mars. What is a valid scientist? Is that a left winger with hair brained ideas of what is good for everyone? Or is it someone that you agree with? By the way, Al Gore is not a scientist nor even a particularly good student. he predicted 2013 would be too late. Hey, I know you have your mind made up, I won't confuse you with facts.
Surveys and polls are opinions at best. Taking a vote does not make a thing real or unreal. The facts are we are in a cooling period and that is why the libs have switched to climate change. 51% of the people voted for Obama and his major achievement Is a colossal mess. Does that mean he is right in spite of it? He got 4 people killed in Ben ghazi regardless of the vote. He supposedly is in charge but you won't hear him claim it. It is all George Bush's fault. Reading something on the web does not imply 100% accuracy.
That's good except official temperatures are taken in controlled conditions and out of the sun light. We do not go out and measure the temperature of concrete, asphalt or water. But it does sound good. Nice try.
Did I miss something? Someone blamed Obama for everything? First of all, Pablo, there are a lot of guys blaming Obama for a lot of lies. And the reason they do so is because they are lies. And only losers believe him.
I doubt there was a study made. As an old meteorologist, I doubt that 37% of them would believe greenhouse gases are harmful to mankind. And I know most of them would laugh at anyone crackpot who starts predicting increased cyclonic weather. No one seems to hold them responsible. Global warming crack pots have an agenda much like Obama's Obamacare. It has nothing to do with care or warming, but about control. We will have to tax the rich to even it out.
Yes, and it had the same effects as global warming and was man made.
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