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Other morons vote for them, dead or alive!
Barnlady, you need to add a third possibility to answer your question: All of the above! The dummies can almost not help themselves and the deceivers convinced the dummies to elect them.
Sen. Manchin, you are a Democrat AND either an idiot or a liar. Just maybe all of the above. Your words: ". . . for-profit companies can opt out of providing contraceptives to their employees because of religious beliefs." Here's the truth, sir. Hobby Lobby PROVIDES 16 forms of contraception in their benefits BUT excluded 4 types (to make 20 or so total) which are "after conception" day after abortion pills! Funny you don't mention THE WHOLE TRUTH, just the propaganda feeding the "War on Women" narrative propagated by the other half-truthers in the Democrat Party.
Drop the "almost" and you're right on!
I would say "Yes" to the first question and agree with your statement. So now I'll get called a "racist" because he happens to be Black although I've made precisely the same comments about other Dem idiots like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and our mulatto President.
Why did the chicken cross his yard? I have no clue but I'm sure glad it did!
Colored? Obviously, you're a low information Progressive. That term was drummed out of existence in the last century. We are now in the hyphen stage. Except for the NAACP, that is. They still think they're slaves (since they vote about 95% Democrat, maybe they're right). My question is: Who is "colored?" Is it Blacks, Indians, Asians, South Americans? A more curious chink in your wit is a scientific fact. You see, mshandy, you should have paid more attention in school (if you attended one). Think back to science class--before Common Core attempted to lower common denominators-that is. The basic definition of "black" is simply the ABSENCE OF ALL COLOR. And "white" is inclusive of ALL COLORS. Ever heard of a prism? Didn't think so. Not that we're "off color" (pun intended), let's talk about who has killed more Africans lately? Let's just say 50 years worth going back to last century. Answer: Africans! Gee. Is that a conspiracy? And now African-Americans in this country? Hmmm. That's a hard one, huh? But if you deal in facts, not so hard . . . abortionists! Now if you would be so kind as to stand up, it makes it a lot easier to get your head out . . .
Mr. President, to borrow one of your childish whines: Since YOU won't do it, we will! I say provide the home addresses of all 535 Legislative people on the Hill so these children no where they can get all the "compassionate" care they need! It is pathetic that this Administration uses children, the poor and the majority of the mentally unstable to shove its agenda down the throats of us who fund this Clown Circus!
What in the world did Ben ever do to you? I hope you dream of Nancy Pelosi tonight! LOL.
Ok! I don't know whether I should be sick or entrepreneurial. Are we really in the Zombie Apocalypse and is it necessary to post pictures of Democrat women, Ok, maybe in the Post Office but that would put them further down the bankruptcy road by scaring people away. So . . . howabout a "Ladies of the DNC" swimsuit calendar I could send to people I don't like or get 72 of these "babes" in a six year calendar we could send to every Islamic capitol in the world to stem the tide of misogynist "Springs" with the title "Here They Are: 72 For Your Martyrdom!" Peace on earth for sure!
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