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You're right. It's about time Hillary joined her heaps of lost documents.
"Anyone with one singular brain cell understands we have idealistic ‘college kids’ shaping this disastrous so called ‘foreign policy’." You need to add: "idealistic college kids no matter their age or position, i.e., Senator, Cabinet member, judge or President shaping . . . " unlienablerights, we need to keep whacking these moles back to where they belong and maybe--one day soon--we adults can regain control and put these kids back where they belong--with their Xbox controller in hand . . .
Oops! Change "their" to "they're." I'm not really a Democrat!
Huh? So, boycott a business and they'll stay and suck up to a DC Clown Circus? We need an intelligence test for legislators. Too many of them need to wait for legislation to pass so the MSM can tell them what's in it. So either their 1) hopelessly stupid or 2) They really can't read at all. Guam tipping over . . . anything Joe Biden says . . . anything Pelosi says . . . anything Reid says . . . anything the Obamas say . . . c'mon, Amerika! We can do better than this huh?
Right on with "no article, video." Absolute BS that they don't want a "ban." The Administration has recently gone after the Russian arms and ammo (and with the conduct of Putin as of late, I "understand" with a benefit of that doubt). Here is their PROBLEM: with 25-30% at most of the public sentiment, they know what will happen if they confronted the issue head on. Instead, every miniscule Democrat at local levels introduces their little "feel good" bills which accomplish nothing but PR and a few votes low-information voters. The most encouraging thing is the migration of firearm/ammo producers from anti-gun states to 2nd Amendment States. God forbid, if the SHTF, we might eventually have to face bright orange rubber "bullets" flying from the HuffPo compound since that's all they'll have. LOL!
From way down here in the "racist" central" South, God continue to bless you, Sheriff Clarke. We need more Americans like yourself!
Other morons vote for them, dead or alive!
Barnlady, you need to add a third possibility to answer your question: All of the above! The dummies can almost not help themselves and the deceivers convinced the dummies to elect them.
Sen. Manchin, you are a Democrat AND either an idiot or a liar. Just maybe all of the above. Your words: ". . . for-profit companies can opt out of providing contraceptives to their employees because of religious beliefs." Here's the truth, sir. Hobby Lobby PROVIDES 16 forms of contraception in their benefits BUT excluded 4 types (to make 20 or so total) which are "after conception" day after abortion pills! Funny you don't mention THE WHOLE TRUTH, just the propaganda feeding the "War on Women" narrative propagated by the other half-truthers in the Democrat Party.
Drop the "almost" and you're right on!
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