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With the Death of J.R. Ewing, it’s the End of an Era

lliebman Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 10:47 AM
What's "far right" about fiscal responsibility, low taxes, small government, free markets and constitutional principles? When did it become "far right" to believe the government should pay its bills and not saddle future generations with enormous debt? Rather the problem lies with far-left economic policies of massive government spending, increased entitlement programs, government takeover of health care, GM etc. The radical left has taken total control of the democrat party and is instituting socialist policies and bankrupting the country. But somehow radical left policies have come to be portrayed as "moderate" while traditional American ideals have come to be portrayed as "far right". This is a total misuse of language.

We lost one of the great television legends last Friday.  Larry Hagman who had battled health problems for years finally succumbed to complications from throat cancer.  The Big “C” was the only thing that could take down J.R. Ewing.

Larry Hagman was so much more than what people saw on television.  He was funny, unpredictable and adventurous in a way that most people can’t even imagine.  You never knew what to expect when you went to work every day.  One morning he showed up to set in a purple gorilla suit and walked around like it was...

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