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llegato Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 12:53 PM
Booker's an idiot and/or a fraud, since EBT is paid MONTHLY, not per week, and with the monthly payment, he could have bought in bulk and paid less/item, less/pound for healthy food. Example; he's buying an 8 oz bottle of Berio Olive Oil for $5.00, and paying $80/ Gallon. If he bought an 96 oz can of no name OO for $15 (less on sale) he'd be paying $20/gallon... similarly for dried beans vs packs of chicken, ground beef, etc..
I read the book and thats not the ending. Israel outlasts ALL nations that screwed with her.
The only occupation and oppression going on over there has been muslims against Jews. And bombing people into submission who insist on firing THOUSANDS of rockets at your women and children is not genocide, it's RETALIATION AND SELF-DEFENSE. The only genocide here is THAT PROMULGATED BY HAMAS IN THEIR CHARTER, which calls for the destruction of the entire Israeli state and the extermination of all Jews worldwide. If you support that then you are as much of a war criminal as Hamas, and deserve to be treated as such.
I'd like to call them dead men walking but I might get banned.
As opposed to you Dhimmiecrats, INSTALLING THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD all over the world. Don't you have a pro-hamas rally to run this morning? Take your BS whining about WW2 patriotism (YOU SUPPORTED HITLER till he turned on Stalin) and go deport yourself to Gitmo where you belong.
How do you type so much with your head bouncing in and out Krugman and Madows posteriors.
TriCare is needed bc our military that is there to defend yr right to march w/ the enemies of this great country ARE WOEFULLY UNDERPAID. We all know that u would prefer to disband the military, except for a small cadre that u could use to march thru the country disarming everyone & forcing them into re-education camps where our children can all learn the joys of fisting & buggery, all paid for w/ money printed out of your fabulous and noisy rectum. Yr media & academia stole the election, AGAIN, dumbing down the electorate to where they don't know the difference 'tween debt & deficit, even as now yr spokespeople are now saying there should be NO LIMIT ON EITHER. Leftists won't be happy till U.S. is burning like Greece. Then u will pay.
When is Obama going to release his college transcripts, certainly easier than tax returns? What is Obama hiding? The name/ national origin he used to get financial aid? His lousy grades? Being censured for drug use/ dealing drugs on campus? When is Obama going to release the videotape of him partying with known terrorist apologist and Columbia "professor" Rashid Khalidi? Was Khalidi Rashidi one of Obama's references in his college application? And most Americans are not worried about what Romney has done with all the money' he's earned, we are worrying about what Obama is doing with the money WE'VE EARNED. And most Americans are not worried about when Romney left Bain, they want to know when Obama is LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE!
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Forget the Creep

llegato Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 3:03 PM
"I do not see a lot of participation in sport with these young heroes' lives. At their most active, they are probably vigorous onanists." Ouch! That'll leave a mark! Good article, shows the complicity of the media and "the news".
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