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Post-Mortem on the Muhammad Protests

lkemp Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 7:48 PM
I say let's get out of arab aqnd muslim countries and leave them to killing themselves because this is the only way they know how to live. they don't want us there and they hate us.

As Muslim crowds dissipate and American diplomatic missions return to normal activities, here are three final thoughts on the riots that began this Sept. 11 and killed about thirty:

The movie really did matter: The Obama administration dishonestly skirted responsibility for the murder of four Americans in Libya by claiming that the attack was a protest that got unpredictably out of hand against the "Innocence of Muslims" video. In response, leading analysts have concluded that the video hardly mattered anywhere. Barry Rubin scorns the video as a "phony excuse for the demonstration" in Egypt. Michael Ledeen upbraids the administration...