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We will need every weapon we can get our hands on when Obama starts his war with Syria.
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Gov. Christie Signs 10 Gun Bills

lkemp Wrote: Aug 09, 2013 5:07 PM
what kind of ...job.... was that???
they're on the run okay ...until they catch and destroy us.
because no one in America has the guts to impeach a q**er muslim.
now Obama and mooshelle will have a place to worship.
what'ch want to do, make Obama happy?
That sounds like "our" government.
your probably right because they won't publish the news item if it's black killing whites, that would make them racists.
I hope every Vet explains to everyone of their family members what that commie did then they will know what it's all about concerning hanoi jane and they will tell everyone they know.
I wouldn't be surprised if some day we see commie jane and commie obama's face carved on Mt Rushmore.
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