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What About Biden: Is America’s V.P. Ready To Lead?

lkartchner Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 1:27 PM
Actually, Sarah has done quite well for herself. She makes much more as a paid lecturer and talking head for Fox News than she ever would have as VP. Most of the flame bait and muck that was slung during the '08 election was shown to be false. And, taking the positions of the two into account, I would have to say that Sarah Palin would be a better VP than Joe Biden is. I would definitely prefer her over Biden as President. But that doesn't mean that Sarah would be my first choice for President. I decided a little over a year ago that Mitt Romney was the best of the currently available bunch.

The Republican convention ends. The polls tighten. Romney visits storm-ravaged Louisiana. President Obama visits military families in Texas.

And then the American news media was disrupted with this wacky little headline: “Biden Does Retail Politics, Kisses Supporter On Lips.”

Last Friday afternoon, in the midst of all the other important things going on in the world, Vice President Joseph Biden made a “surprise” campaign stop in Canfield, Ohio. Standing around greeting attendees at the annual Canfield Fair, Biden served-up his usual repertoire of everyday-guy quips and goofy-uncle type witticism. According to one reporter he shook hands with a...