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Four Reasons to Vote Romney, if You are a Liberal

lkartchner Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 3:38 PM
DCM, Liberals respond to emotional appeals. Facts are very dry things. It is much more effective with them to show a picture of a child or a puppy, and then make claims about any group not affiliated with the groups they are already attached to. This is accepted as 'evidence'. You see it in most 'newscasts' on the 'mainstream media'. But, real documented facts will be rejected. It isn't intentional lying, it's just a preferred way of looking at things. It's much more tribal than reasoned. I hope this helps you understand. If you still don't understand, go read anything on Huffington Post, and then fact check the articles. They are long on emotional appeals and hate others, love us sorts of things. That's all you find on the View too.

The other day I got an email from a friend I had known in school. He works with people who have a wasting disease and he wanted to know why he should vote for Romney. I omit his name and other details because he asked that I keep his correspondence private.

He probably had some funny idea that I'd make fun of him on Sunday.  

The following is my non-humorous reply:   

This is my second decade working in politics. I can tell you that you...

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