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Emails Catch White House Lie on Green-Energy Loans

lkartchner Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 2:47 PM
What you say might be true for heat input, though, you leave out several other sources of heat. However, the Global Warming folks are worried about heat output from the earth. The heat input is taken to be a constant. (I know it really isn't, but lets let that slide.) Carbon dioxide releases are usually taken as the main contributor to Global warming. CO2 isn't really a very good Greenhouse Gas, though it is a weak one. But, most other greenhouse gasses decay into CO2 over time. the exception to this is the main Greenhouse gas here on Earth, that is water vapor. Yes, clouds, haze, good old DHMO, the ultimate industrial chemical, are the major Greenhouse Gas on earth, by over an order of magnitude.

When he is confronted about the failed green-energy loan program, President Obama deflects blame—pointing to “career bureaucrats” in the Department of Energy (DOE) who supposedly approved the loans that have become an embarrassment to the White House. 

For months, along with researcher Christine Lakotos, I’ve been reporting on, first, the junk-bond rated projects (such as Solyndra) that received fast-tracked approval from the DOE and, then, the failed and troubled stimulus funded companies. Solyndra was just the tip of the iceberg. Embarrassment after embarrassment has come to light as the projects touted as the hope for America’s future have filed...

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