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"Right to Chose" is a code term for Pro-Abortion. No other choice is intimated or intended. It's a Litmus test for "Progressive" "Liberal" candidates. Of course Progressive means pushing progress towards total government control and a socialist economy, and Liberal means allowing unlimited bureaucracy. But, hey, they change the words. It's like Gay used to mean (Prior to 1975) light hearted and happy. Now, it just means perverted sexually.
In most of Europe, the sales tax (VAT) is added onto the items base price, so the consumer never sees it unlike traditional use her in the US, where sales taxes are added after the total purchase is added up, so we in the US see the total for the Sales Taxes. Your sister probably only noticed that things in Europe were more expensive than here in the US. the VAT was the reason.
Impeachment requires a 2/3 majority. I doubt that the Republicans will gain that many seats.
For your argument to have any merit, you would have to include the second half of the equation. After all, heat is a measure of total energy in a system. You are only including input. Output is necessary to find the balance of the system.
What you say might be true for heat input, though, you leave out several other sources of heat. However, the Global Warming folks are worried about heat output from the earth. The heat input is taken to be a constant. (I know it really isn't, but lets let that slide.) Carbon dioxide releases are usually taken as the main contributor to Global warming. CO2 isn't really a very good Greenhouse Gas, though it is a weak one. But, most other greenhouse gasses decay into CO2 over time. the exception to this is the main Greenhouse gas here on Earth, that is water vapor. Yes, clouds, haze, good old DHMO, the ultimate industrial chemical, are the major Greenhouse Gas on earth, by over an order of magnitude.
And for the rest, Barak is supporting a UN resolution that would make ownership of guns illegal, thus violating or voiding the Second Amendment, and has voiced in the UN a position that no one should be allowed to publish anything that might be offensive to Islam, which is a violation of the First Amendment. He has also voiced support of some congressional motions to expand the Presidents ability to sequester 'terror' suspects who are US Citizens, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Interestingly, this last sequestering motion was something he was adamantly against as a Candidate four years ago. His Homeland Security Chief has also voiced the opinion that any person who criticises the Obama administration can be treated as a terrorist.
Um, mgoode880, Mitt Romney is not Black, as currently defined by the Feds. You are making yourself sound really stupid. Is it possible that you responded to the wrong comment? You probably meant that Obama is not a communist socialist bent on destroying the Constitution. However, Obama WAS a communist for a brief time in college. He is also promoting socialist programs, and has publicly stated on many occasions his wish to 'redistribute' wealth, which is the essence of Socialism.
Neocon, Not voting IS voting for Obama. Since you have publicly posted that you will not be voting, I am sure that you will find your vote registered, along with all the dead people in Florida and Chicago.
Jack, That's only true if the numbers are accurate and appropriate, Otherwise, the numbers come out to be nonsense. You should really use more reliable sources than Joe Biden. It's like the famous "Hockey Stick" graph from East Anglica. I knew the first time I saw it what the problem was. "Oh, divide by zero error". I made the same error once in College. Too bad the 'Scientists' who did it never checked their results. It took the press 12 years to discover that. Some are still relying on that failed model. The temperature was supposed to be above 5 degrees Celsius by now, according to that mess. (Since you seem math challenged, that's a bit over 10 degrees Fahrenheit.)
Jack, not bad, you only missed 4 out of 4. You are improving!
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