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G.W. was MIA

ljackson Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:18 AM
Mr. Reagan, you are just plain wrong. It was not GW's election to win or lose. Where were all the top Republican leaders other than GW? I didn't hear of or see any of them on the stump supporting Romney. And to publicly criticize GW a la Obama (aka "It's #43's fault") is just stupid. I think GW chose to stay away because Obama has used him as a lightning rod for all his (Obama's) failures and perhaps GW saw that he would bring all of that negativity to Romney's campaign. He is a private citizen now and very involved with the Wounded Warriors. Why aren't you supporting that in your column instead of running him down? The next Olympic sport: Blame George W. Bush for everything that you think is wrong in the universe.
Democrats have been blaming George W. Bush for the last four years.

Now I think it's time for Republicans to start blaming George W. for the next four years.

For a week we've been pinning last week's debacle on everything from Mitt Romney's moderation to low Republican turnout.

But the most important Republican who didn't turn out to support Romney this fall was George W. Bush.

You can make an honest argument that G.W. was as much to blame as anyone else for our being unable to defeat an incompetent incumbent of historic...
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