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Townhall Magazine Reveals October Cover: Paul Ryan

Lizzie B Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:31 AM
Off subject. I keep saying this election is all about turnout. All the bogus polls with Obama in the lead mean nothing if people don't come out. I think Republicans have a better game plan. Point in fact. Obama's home town and county are down 250,000 democrat registrations from 2008. Again no signs or bumper stickers anywhere.
SouthrnBelle Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 3:20 PM
I love it, "bogus polls."

You idiots crack me up.

You only agree with the polls when the polls agree with you!


OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dschneider233 Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 9:58 AM
Southern Belle - you should be called a Southern Ding Bat !!!! Ya all must love Deep Dark Choc let expressly when it comes from the Back side. and don't forget Obama s crack & Pot.
ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will Malven2 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 10:16 AM
Wrong. We only agree with polls that actually make an effort to be unbiased.

When the polls disproportionately favor one group over another as have most of the polling services discussed nationally, then they cease to be valid . . . they move from attempting to report opinions into pathetic attempts to sway opinion. The math is easy, or would be had you not been educated in a union run school by equally retarded liberal teachers.

I believe Rassmussen, because Rassmussen uses numbers which reflect the actual political breakdown of the American voting public, not because of what it reports . . . I leave that sort of self-delusion to you liberals.

I believe Rassmussen as well, because his was the most accurate in 2008.
Conservative_Libertarian Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:50 AM
Yes we do, Lizzie and I agree with your post.

It's extremely difficult to watch the AM shows here in Ohio every day, what with being constantly being bombarded by Obozo and Sen. Sherrod Brown commercials... All of which are attacks and lies against their competition.

This time, however, Romney has in his plans a whole lot more detail than is being let on. There's a reason for that. Any time he releases any new information.... Obozo's Super PACs pounce within 24 hours and create more doubt and confusion with the electorate.

First... the Debates... then trickle a little more information... then, close to the election when people (independents and disgruntled past Obozo voters) will really be receptive to new information.

NoBama 2012

SouthrnBelle Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 3:24 PM
"This time, however, Romney has in his plans a whole lot more detail than is being let on."



Does he plan on doing this sometime this century??

"Doubt and confusion"?

I know details are difficult for you idiots to understand. Just stay home and play with your guns and your Bibles. God is in control, right?

OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Malven2 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 10:22 AM
Where's the Obama plan? Where's the Democrat Party's plan? Where are the specifics?

. . . OH! That's right, we have 31/2 years of Obama's "plan" already on the books. We already know the specifics of his plan--spend even greater amounts of money to bolster his union supporters and funnel money to his corporate cronies in the "renewable energy" boondoggle industry.

Tax small businesses even further into oblivion, place more people on welfare and make them even more dependent on Big Brother government . . . all the while stripping the American people of more and more freedom and liberty.

Obama's using Loki's philosophy from "The Avengers."

"I'm here to liberate you from freedom." No thanks! Nobama!

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