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sorry their poll samples
New Washington post poll - this is there poll sample Democrat Republican Independent Other No opinion 9/23/12 FL 35 25 32 5 4 9/23/12 FL RV 35 29 31 3 2 9/23/12 FL LV 33 32 31 3 * 9/23/12 OH 35 26 35 3 2 9/23/12 OH RV 35 27 34 3 1 9/23/12 OH LV 37 30 30 2 1
Actually it is very rarely the debates change any minds.
These polls mean nothing. It's all about who has the better ground game. Who is more pumped to get out and vote ? There is no doubt this time around it will be Republicans and Conservatives. Democrats are all saying they support Obama. But are they going to vote ? I say NO !!!
Obama giving a speech today blasting Romney. Insinuating Romney would go to DC and make insider deals. Well someone needs to make some deals. Obama stated what DC needs change. This feels real familiar. I know. It's the movie Groundhog Day. Hope & Change. Hope and Change Hope & Change. Am I ever going to wake up from this nightmare ?
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Eddie Haskell Brooks

Lizzie B Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 9:34 AM
Great article Michelle. I get so sick and frustrated with the so called republican's slamming Romney. That whole group from the weekly standard are @ss'. But you forgot the worst of Joe Scarborough. What a pig.
The largest turnout ever of conservatives and republicans.
Margaret Thatcher Problem with socialism. Eventually you run out of other people's money.
Purple sissy See what I'm saying ? You are already looking for excuses.
Poor Democrats. Everyone is going to be crying when President Romney is sworn in. They'll be screaming Romney stole the election. How can this be ? The polls all showed how Obama leading. This election will be the most important in our lifetime. This will decide if we are going to be takers or givers. This country is at a crossroads. All conservatives and Republicans know what's at stake. I'm predicting this will be the largest turnout ever for a Republican candidate.
RT. Now tell that guy looks normal ?
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