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Excellent: GOP Wants EPA Official to Testify before Congress over "Crucify" Comments

lizardmansc Wrote: Apr 28, 2012 1:48 AM
It's about time we started playing by the same rules liberals have been playing by, for decades. Beat them at their own game' and DEMAGOGUE THE CRAP OUT OF IT. We have GOT TO PLAY HARDBALL (no reference or credit to Chris "chilly willie" Mathews) and nail their lousy hides to the wall. EVERY TIME!

In case you missed it: earlier this week, Sen. Jim Inhofe's office unearthed this little gem, in which an EPA regional administrator recklessly revealed the independent agency's true philosophy.

As Sen. Inhofe pointed out on the floor: it's nice to have such explicit confirmation, but we all knew that this was the Obama administration's true agenda all along.

But, while we have such damning evidence, I say we run with it, and that's