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The Cancer That College Has Become

Liz772 Wrote: Jul 28, 2013 3:35 PM
A whorehouse teaches higher ethics.
Amen. Perhaps the Martin family should look in the mirror.....perhaps it was their lack of parenting that put Trayvon on that street that night.
It makes a huge difference! An innocent man was wrongfully maligned and prosecuted by an out of control government, and a complicit media. Supposedly we have the presumption of innocence in America....or at least the America I used to know. How would you feel if it were you or one of your loved ones? How would you feel if, God forbid, you were in a situation where you had to defend your life against a person who was assaulting you, and that person happened to be a person of color? You would be prosecuted in the same way, not just by the justice system, but by all the power of the government and the media. Bottom line, there is a reason we don't allow politics in a courtroom.
Either she gets thrown under the bus by 0bama and Holder, or, she gets a new job in the administration.
It is true. George Zimmerman plainly saw it in Martin. Martin was meandering around a neighborhood where he didn't live in the pouring rain. Most people move with purpose in a downpour, they don't usually walk slowly and peer through windows. It wasn't Martin's color that Zimmerman was suspicious of, but his behavior.
The rhino McCain is a war monger. McCain would love it if we were involved in every war on the planet.
Wasn't it 0bama himself that said secrecy is the evidence of something hidden? Looking back now, it's astonishing what a liar 0bama has been from the beginning.....and yet people still believe him.
A rare moment of truth by a media outlet.
We have a's called the 1st Amendment.
You can't make this stuff up.
Not just that but there was also that independent investigation into the DOJ's policy of not prosecuting discrimination cases where the victim was white. It's been going on since day one of the 0bama administration.
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