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From day one Anne the man has put down Romney first and foremost, and that is because Anne the man is a liberal scumbag troll.
Romney took Mass. and saved it; it had a massive deficit Romney turned into a surplus, while balancing the budget each year, and lowering taxes for the taxpayers of the state.
Henry VIII, I think Owebummer will lose by as much, or maybe even more, than Carter, who lost to Reagan by 10%.
Anne the man, sorry to offend your MESSiah, Owebummer, but he sucks and must go.
Conservatives set up the businesses, then liberals kill them with taxes for their welfare for votes program, which is why most liberal controlled areas are chock full of them. You know, "where the people live".
Owebummer and all his Dem colleagues should get the boot for what they did to America.
Yes, the states have the 10th amendment to be able to do what it needs for its people if it is not covered by federal law. The feds aren't doing their job because they care more about killing the country for votes than for the country, while citing civil violations, but which are meant for citizens. Bottom line: Politicians who suck on votes while not upholding our immigration laws suck and should be voted out of office. Owebummer sucks, and should go for this reason alone, then their is his rotten economy........ he has to go - he is no good for America.
And the rotten economy under Owebummer is the single most important thing to run his lame liberal loser arrse out the door on.
What goes around comes around - karma's a biattch sometimes.
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