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Yes. Groups like TPP are not just working to elect candidates - they inform, urge folks to contact reps on issues, lobby on issues, hold rallies, etc. - this costs a lot.
Wait - many of these groups do more than support candidates. They lobby and inform on issues. The way I read this articles is that the only 'worthy' expenditures are to support candidates. Is this a hit job to derail these groups?
How do we know those are real signatures?
This is clearly not a left- right issue. Many conservatives are understandably concerned at the loss of control over our own lives that will be brought on by Obamacare. Especially when the attitude of this hospital is already at that point. That they are not showing more compassion after what happened under their care is disturbing. You would think that she would have been extremely closely watched and that even a spontaneous hemorrhage could have been dealt with in that location. Especially in a Children's specialty hospital. They should really be falling over themselves to give this family more respect.
Have to wonder if you are both lib trolls.
It up to us to remember the stories of our grandparents and pass them on. And, collect good history books that tell the truth. Just saw the movie "The Book Thief" last weekend. A few lib lines in it, but overall an excellent depiction of an actual story of what it was like in Hitler's Germany. That will help people know what the Nazi enemy was like and how awful they were, even to non-Jewish people.
The problem is not Cruz, it's the old guard who want to destroy any new ideas and are complicit with the statists, or have become statists themselves. Thye could have politely said they disagreed with the tactic (they would be wrong) but instead they try to rip him to shreds (foolish). They are the ones causing the problems, for they have abrogated their duty, and they have no plan - they have publicly surrendered a la McCain. Only by truly differentiating themselves from Dems and putting action behind mere words can they win more votes for the GOP. Authenticity counts, and frankly the Dems win respect because they fight and the RINOs don't.
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