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People die all the time of prefectly legal but deadly doses (too high for recommended standards)of cholesterol lowering Staten drugs like Lipitor(well documented and still on the market!) that lower the Co-Q-10 levels of the heart(without which it cannot function) and it stops suddenly just like Breitbarts did.I don't let any member of my family near them and warn ALL my friends not to take them.If you want to lower cholesterol take Omega-3 (which is presently trying to be discredited by Big Pharma)or Lecithin.safe,effective and natural.God made it right the first time!:)...God bless you Mr.Breitbart..May we do you proud and "see you in the morning!":)
You are Gold Jafo...God bless!:)
OMG! That was sooo good he realy did look like he was going to cry lol! THAT is the man YOU voted for mr. Mathews lol!
And now he's out there somewhere "whining" and defending Big Bird lol! I grew-up w/ BBird and love him but let all the left loons and Obama's rich supporters dole out the $$ to keep PBS on the air "spread the wealth".
YES it will! Romney is even BETTER there,he is a true patriot and knows America is a Shining City on a Hill and Obama worse,he is clueless,with all his shameless apologizing for being an American(that left a bad taste in my mouth:{)...yuuuk.
Lol!:)...it didn't semm that way to me I get nauseated just to hear Obama as he talks so much and says NOTHING.Romney might seem that way to Libs because he has ACTUAL info and they're NOT used to excercising thier Grey Matter!
Why isn't the video playing? The button does Not go down as if my mouse did not exist.HELP.
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