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The Problem With the Entitlement Attitude in One Video

lisakinva Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 7:38 PM
No...the moral hazard comes into play when we start assuming facts not in evidence. When we claim to be pro-life, and then turn around and blast people who are less fortunate for having a child in circumstances that are less than ideal...when we strive for principles of lower government, but are unwilling to help others get back on their feet. This economy is hitting a lot of people hard. Obamacare is forcing more people out of full-time employment (read about Red Lobster/Olive Garden), which will leave them uninsured.... there are bigger problems we need to solve. Railing against a social program, without looking for and creating solutions is no better moral choice than supporting government programs.

It takes a pay for other people's "free" stuff."

H/T Jon Justice