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Heh: Obama Gets Booed at Own Fundraiser

Lisa523 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 1:48 PM
This President has been anything but Presidential. He promised he would be laser focused on the economy and what he's actually been laser focused on are his recreational activities and his re-election campaign. This President has NO HEART and doesn't care at all about the middle class or the poor. All his stupid policies have hit us the hardest! From the 200% TAX we all now pay for increased gas cost to the $2500 our insurance prices went UP after being promised they'd go down by $2500. Now, they've printed so much damn money our dollar is worth less causing our food and consumption prices to go up. Dems want to raise taxes? YOU ALL READY DID!!!! How much more do you want DEMS? How about you learn to spend money WISELY instead of wasting it

At a fundraiser Monday night in Boston, Massachusetts, President Obama was booed by supporters when he jokingly thanked the Fenway Faithful for trading third baseman and World Series champion Kevin Youkulis to the Chicago White Sox. Yikes, Mr. President.

On a more serious note, though, does it surprise you to learn President Obama will appear at four...