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Why Mitt Lost and it Wasn’t Very Close

Lisa179 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 7:36 PM
Mitt Romney was not just a nice guy but was also incredibly competent, bullet proof with regard to scandals, no bimbo eruptions as with Herman Cain, no befuddled blathering like Rick Perry, no nuttery like Michele Bachmann....vaccines anyone? Newt Gingrich with more baggage than United Airlines? Rick Santorum with his union loving ways and his poisonous comments on contraception? Who should we have nominated barring bringing Reagan back to life. The infighting and long campaign allowed the candidates to engage in a circular firing squad. Meanwhile Obama knew Romney was the inevitable candidate and started attacking him before the Convention. We had no chance to respond while Obama made Romney look like Simon Legree.

Memorandum to the GOP: When running an election campaign it is often valuable to select a nominee who represents the rank and file of the Party. This is how other Parties do it. Perhaps you might get on board.


Well let’s start with who not to select.

There was George H.W. Bush, who, while a nice, honorable public servant, won primarily because of the record Reagan established. He lost because the rest of us thought that when he mouthed the words “Read my lips, go to Texas,” he meant “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  

There was Bob Dole,...