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What Did You Expect from Short Term Thinkers?

Lisa179 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 9:16 AM
Thank you for speaking reality. I am in my 50s and when I was in school I was told there was nothing I couldn't do IF I wanted to. My mother received a PhD in Biology in the 1950s. No one told her she couldn't become a scientist. But she had to work for it. I went back to school post Bac to get some more non-profit education (I was already a CPA and wanted to volunteer). The young students were totally government grown plants, wanting loans, grants, benefits. Nothing like when I was in college in the 1970s working full time, going to school full time living in squalor because I knew if I worked hard I could succeed. Student housing has granite countertops and fitness rooms and media centers now. It's a weak generation.

Obviously, what we’ve long suspected has been proven true. The takers now officially outnumber the makers. It’s human nature to want what others have and not want to do what others did to get it, but Obama has taken that to a whole new level by fostering the belief that breathing is enough to guarantee you food, housing, education, and a cell phone.

One of the biggest voting blocks for Obama continues to be single women, many of whom are single mothers. Why? I have a very simple explanation. Short term thinking. Think about it: single mothers are...