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Not only that, the ad campaign is embarrassingly stupid with cartoon drawings, NO INFORMATION, no way to contact Cover Oregon or find out how to sign up. Of course that might be moot since people can't sign up. Why were the hundreds of thousands wasted on a stupid ad campaign and a non functioning website spent on giving people HEALTH CARE? We have many low income clinics that could use some financial support to help them actually serve sick people. The morons who created Obamacare had no clue how to deliver healthcare. Everything they have done has resulted in the OPPOSITE of the purported objectives. Fewer people are insured and it's more expensive.
It's just a way for militant gays to gin up know like the businesses that were sued for not providing flowers or cakes. Imagine the lawyers salivating over real and imagined anti-gay thoughts. It's the best thing that happened to the legal profession since the ADA. We don't need this law now. 30 years ago maybe. I saw anti-gay employment practices back then. Now the same firm firing gays for being gay (oh they had a made up excuse) are now making them partners.
Have you noticed that everything about the Left and Obamacare PROMOTES being irresponsible? Instead of appealing to our better angels, the Left panders to our most base desires, passions, and destructive activities. From binge drinking, to hook ups, the childish meme is that Uncle Sam's Plantation will protect you from your inherent stupidity. I guess the question is how low can they go? The whole thing is just disgusting, demeaning and degrading to young people.
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Former Dem Staffer Backs off on Obamacare

Lisa179 Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 2:06 PM
There is a sucker born every day and most of them are Democrats. Living in dreamland somehow no one asked the obvious can you add (unwanted in some cases) extensive benefits to policy requirements and not have substantial increases in pricing? ANYONE who's dealt with purchasing insurance knows that mandates increase costs. That some of this burden is being put upon us working folks is NOT a mitigating circumstance. This law adds COSTS BUT NO VALUES! A 58 year old male does not need contraception or maternity care. A 40 year old Religious (nun to you non-Catholics) doesn't need them either. At this point BILLIONS have been spent on administration. COST BUT NO BENEFIT! Why isn't this money being spent to provide healthcare? Wasn't that the objective? Well no the real objective was to wrest control from all of us great unwashed and give it to the all knowing and all seeing government. Oz-bama the Great and Terrible is proving far more terrible than great. And he's got no clue about how to run a huge system dealing with the most critical decisions in someone's life. Every day I wake up in wonder that people were so foolish that they believed the completely incredible. Every thing that has happened was easily anticipated by someone with a few functioning brain cells who was not living in the straitjacket of ideology.
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Thank These Republicans for Obamacare

Lisa179 Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 1:51 PM
Ann you are SO right. I argued with purists who wanted all of nothing instead of part of something. People who couldn't vote for normal competitive candidates because they didn't have a 100% record supporting Conservative causes. Much as I disliked our Maine-ac Senatresses, they were better than having a Democrat in the seat. We have to vote for the most Conservative candidate WHO CAN WIN. Else we'll get more Akins, Angles, and O'Donnells where we could have had someone who could have won these seats. Why do Republicans try to commit suicide every election?
As someone who works in healthcare and recently had a surgical procedure I see this from both sides. While the incentives "inspired" our clinic to get the EMR, it does not enhance our patients' experience. Further when I was in the hospital I saw more of the back of the nurses' heads as they entered data into the computer than I saw of their faces. They asked a number of perfunctory questions as they stood at the computer and tapped away. Fortunately it was a routine procedure and I am very healthy so had no adverse impact. But imagine an elderly, frail patient in pain. How much healing does she receive from having data entered into a computer? I recently volunteered with a retired nurse who retired when computers took over. She said "We used to talk to our patients, give back rubs and foot rubs. Now our hands are always on the keyboard, not the patient. I QUIT!
You are spot on. I find him utterly repulsive in every way. His nastiness, his lies, his falsified stories about Mitt Romney, his refusal to bring bills to the floor because he doesn't want to put the Democrats in the position of taking a stand on unpopular measures like Obamacare are all the characteristics of a man without any principles or morals whatsoever. I am disgusted with Nevadans who continue to vote in this eyesore.
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Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism

Lisa179 Wrote: Oct 14, 2013 2:31 PM
I encountered Jim Wallis at a local Episcopal Cathedral where he gave several talks. He punts when asked about the Democrat support of abortion...suspect Jesus would not approve of killing babies!....but castigates anyone who wants to reconsider entitlement programs, even those ridden with fraud and waste as with SNAP and SSI. Jesus didn't speak of redistribution by force but of charity. Rev Wallis and the political Left cannot seem to distinguish between the two. They seem to believe that tax money paid is equivalent to our providing the love of Christ and following his directives regarding the poor, the naked, the hungry, those in prison. I don't recall Christ telling the people that if they paid their taxes to the Romans that covered any obligation to the poor. I don't recall Jesus saying if you sacrificed at the Temple you didn't need to help the widow or orphan. The sad thing is that Wallis KNOWS better. But many who read his Marxist magazine believe that Jesus, Marx and Lenin are soul brothers.
I don't understand paying for an open ended contract. When my company gives a bid to provide a service, if we run up the tab, we eat it. Why does Uncle Sam give a blank check and to a CANADIAN company as I understand. There wasn't an American company to build this site? And how many needy or uninsured people will NOT get healthcare because we wasted MILLIONS, probably BILLIONS on administrative costs, advertising, websites and bureaucrats' salaries?
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Megyn Kelly is Killing it in the Ratings

Lisa179 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 2:19 PM
Megyn Kelly is one of the best interviewers on TV. She is quick and fearless about offending or pinning down a guest who is attempting to escape from the steel trap of her mind. I have long appreciated her dedication to the rights of children, whether related to criminals or judges who make egregious decisions that put children in greater jeopardy. She is disarming in her beauty and calm demeanor. Those trying to get the better of Ms Kelly will rue the day they thought they could fool her.
While I agree totally that Obama is the most RADICAL and evil promoter of abortion to ever occupy the White House, realize that people didn't or still do not know of his disgusting attitude toward the unborn. The media is guilty, as Gingrich noted, of protecting a man who advocated infanticide. Until the pro life supporters have the media on their side, they will be prevented from getting this message out.
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