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Promiscuity is far more prevalent among gay males than any other cohort. Gay males in "committed" partnerships frequently dally with others. I have years of experience in the gay community through and industry where I worked. I had many close gay friends. They were quite candid that their view of sex is nothing remotely related to a man and woman committed for life through a sacramental marriage. Further the sexual activity of gay males spreads STDs far more easily than male female sex. The rectum and lower intestine is far more fragile with surface blood vessels than the woman's vagina. There is a REASON we have males and females who are oriented toward sexual activity with each other. This is true whether it's humans or horses. The previous poster is correct. Gay sex has inherent risks that are far more complex than blaming promiscuity which does occur in homosexuals and heterosexual. The heterosexual AIDS epidemic we were warned about never happened. Those are the facts.
Based on my correspondence with a number of troops, this is absolutely true. The men often abuse boys and making Bergdahl hairless (even shaved his eyebrows) made him look childish and weak. Only someone like Marcus Luttrell would have picked up on this. Our media is so out of touch with all things military.
Is Shepherd Smith gay? Who cares? I can't believe this is even an issue these days what with POTUS and FLOTUS calling every nickel athlete that "comes out" as if this is a greater act of courage than jumping on a grenade to save your buddies. I don't spend ten seconds wondering what ANY of the news anchors do in bed. This is just silly.
Talking Lefties ought to not compare notes and use the same diatribes. There is substantial information that Ms Lerner not only promoted targeting of groups threatening Obama's re-election but her taking the 5th after first protesting her innocence is just another stalling tactic used by Holder to prevent justice from being done in this and other cases of Obama Administration lawlessness.
There was a time when homosexuals were fired for being homosexual. That was outrageous and has changed. Now we have someone who is forced out because he made a political contribution to a group that supports traditional marriage? The gay rights movement has become fascist and totalitarian. They used to say all they wanted was to live their lives in peace. Certainly all of the gays I know wanted nothing more. Now the demand retribution, that speech be stopped, that people lose their livelihood for failing to bake a cake or photograph a gay "wedding." How has this tiny group taken over the reins of power? It's shocking that in the country known for freedom we are now to hide our views, our faith, and our thousand years of tradition.
Beautiful thank you! What great advice for a young married couple.
Our priest who is from Africa spoke of a massacre in his country where people were gunned down during a church service...mostly women and children. One mother threw herself over her child, was shot in the back and died. The bullet went through her and hit the baby although the baby lived. The unspeakable cruelty of militant Islam is ignored by those who are Muslim but claim that it's a religion of peace. Forgive my skepticism given reality. There is something evil in Islam that is continuing to be fed despite the world's condemnation. The only thing that works is ridding the world of them.
Many voters stayed home (A POX ON THEM!!!!) because Romney wasn't perfect, because they "couldn't" vote for a Mormon, or because he was too pretty and too rich. People will vote for the person who is somewhat like them, who "feels their pain." No matter what Romney did he just couldn't make the sale with the blue collar conservative group...the Joe Lunchpail who knew he didn't want Obama but the media had portrayed Romney as this evil rich guy so they didn't like him enough to vote for him. A tiny swing in the white vote would have saved our nation. I can almost forgive the people who were stupid enough to vote for Obama. But those who stayed home because Romney wasn't the perfect candidate are to be spanked. They could have helped our country out of this mess and their pride and stubbornness was more important than America. God forgive them because I can't.
Precisely. Thank you all of your LIV, ideologues, and ignorant fools who voted in Obama as well as Pelosi, Biden, and all of the other morons hell bent on destroying our country. We couldn't do it without ya! From Day One I knew what Obama was and I begged, pleaded and argued with friends, co workers and family who were somehow mesmerized by the man. I never saw the appeal. He was an unaccomplished fool who believed his own B.S. He was launched by a combination of white guilt,, Leftist spin and the absent media who were relentless in attacking every move of the opposition. To all of you who voted for this corrupt, inept and destructive man, for those who stayed home because Romney or McCain weren't perfect, YOU have helped these morons to destroy our country. Three more years of this nightmare...will we survive?
The Lavender Mafia has been so coddled and protected by the media that they don't even realize how they object to the same rights being given to Robertson, that allowed them to advance their cause. I have NO problem with any gay activist engaging in a dialogue about what Robertson said but much of what I have heard is a demand he be SILENCED, that he not be allowed to speak publicly about his beliefs and that A&E must not allow any negative comments regarding homosexual activity be spoken. Yet the same screaming meemies with their panties in a wad about Robertson think that THEIR beliefs should be proclaimed everywhere from kindergarten classes to private businesses to houses of worship. I have to wonder why they do not realize how they are damaging their cause with these hysterics over Robertson's beliefs, or someone not wanting to bake a cake for a gay "wedding." I used to be so supportive of gays who as Paglia noted WERE subjected to horrific treatment decades ago. But while basic human rights should be protected, I do not think a cake or photography or a magazine article is a hill they should think is worth dying upon. Hey boyz GROW a pair. When I was six years old I knew "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me..." You're a bit late to adulthood but there is still time to act like mature, rational and reasonable adults.
You are so woefully ill informed it's frightening. Please tell me you don't vote.... No on is blocking ACCESS to birth control. You can get it anywhere, drug store, clinic, doctor, Planned Parenthood get billions of tax dollars to dole out pills. There is no reason an employer should be forced to PAY for it or provide it to his/her employees. Further birth control expansion did not reduce abortions so you can't connect the two of them. Oh and abortion IS murder. If you don't understand that you need a biology as well as a civics class. People like you scare me.
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