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I hope the people of Louisiana are not stupid enough to re-elect her. She's been a low flying duck for years and this is just another nail in her political coffin.
That's the point of expanding HSAs and other patient directed programs. Obamacare REDUCED these programs. The whole point was control, not healthcare or insurance reform. Once you realize it was never about what they claimed...yet ANOTHER can promote solutions. We are a lot more careful with our own money~
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Thank you, Hobby Lobby

Lisa179 Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 12:56 PM
I've been debating this on The Hill which has a number of Leftist who haunt the comments. It's interesting to hear them attempt to defend the side of Sebelius. I've seen an abundance of Red Herrings, Ad Hominem arguments, and strawmen set ablaze. There were the usual canards about "women being prevented from access to birth control" particularly ironic as Hobby Lobby does NOT object to birth control but to the abortion inducing drugs. Further there is exactly zero evidence that asking women to take responsibility for their recreational sexual activities is a substantial hardship. No one has been able to explain exactly what illness these products treat when in fact pregnancy is a normal function of a woman's body either. There are simply no cogent arguments being presented other than "I said so" which didn't work when my mom used it during my childhood. While I am nervous about the SCOTUS after Roberts' bizarre over reaching decision on the mandate, cases like Hosanna Tabor indicate that religious liberty is to be interpreted quite broadly and Citizens United gives hope that the corporate status of the two plaintiffs is not a deal killer.
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The Fatal Conceit of Obamacare

Lisa179 Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 3:36 PM
I stand in wonder that ANYONE thought Obama had the knowledge and ability to be President. There is NOTHING that has occurred under his watch that I didn't know would happen, although I must say it's even worse than I thought it would be. It was so simple to just "do the math." You can't suddenly demand that people pay for services they do not want or need, to buy insurance if they don't want to buy it, to place mandates and restrictions on a huge portion of our economy and not have, as Jonah Goldberg needed it, a Fustercluck. It is a turkey of the highest order. I am aghast at the number of reasonably intelligent people who were fooled by this moron. I have a few in my office who now say "You were right about him...." How did he fool these people? He TOLD YOU WHAT HE WOULD DO...and yet instead you projected some meaningless drivel about hope and change into peace and prosperity for our country. I am even more disgusted with those who RE ELECTED him, even seeing that everything he did turned to rot, that he was corrupt AND inept. If schadenfreude is a sin I am in deep trouble.
The irony is that NOTHING that has happened was not predicted by those who understand the delivery of healthcare (doctors anyone?) or those who understand how insurance works by spreading risk. Mandating a bucket of politically correct services creates absurd results such as sixty year old males required to purchase maternity care. But they soldier on, often wrong but NEVER in doubt...As Gillibrand gushed...yes we knew Obama was lying but we had to get rid of the junk policies. We NEED maternity care and birth if the two were universal needs of human beings rather than a rather small segment of the population...fertile women engaged in sexual activity. It is clearly ideology that rules. Else the bucket of mandated coverage would not contain the Left's sacred cow of allowing if not encouraging irresponsible behavior......birth control pills, substance abuse treatment, emergency contraception all point to the obsession with "freedom of choice" when it comes to sexual activity and better living through chemistry. The fault though does not lie so much with the Left which as been around singing the same song for the last hundred plus years. But it lies at the hands of the sycophant media that hid Obama's lies and failed to follow up after his statements were either grossly inaccurate or simply nonsensical. As someone who works in healthcare finance I KNEW that Obama's promise of keeping your doc or your plan was an impossibility. But no one asked him how that would be done. And between the lies of Benghazi, unemployment rates, and Obamacare the low information voters elected this force of destruction. If only I could wave a magic wand and make sure all Obama voters were the ONLY ones negatively impacted by his lies!
It is stunning to see Democrats openly admit they "had" to lie to sell the lie of Obamacare. They sort of shrug their shoulders, parse their words and then scurry away, vaguely assuring us that "we'll like it eventually...." Anyone who worked in healthcare and understood insurance KNEW this would happen. But the calls to unwind, amend, change or far better REPEAL the whole mess were demeaned as racist or as not wanting people to have health care. (which incidentally is NOT the same as health insurance). None of the lies about those opposing Obamacare were called out by the sycophants in the media. They knew, the Administration knew, the Democrats in Congress knew, and certainly the Republicans who repeatedly warned of the disaster looming knew. But no one was honest enough, no one cared about the millions of Americans whose lives are turned upside down, in their rush to enact a Leftist redistribution scheme that was EXACTLY what we told you it was from the beginning. I hope there is a special place in hell for those who perpetuated this fraud on the American people. How foolish they were to re-elect this inept, corrupt and pathetically self absorbed man.
I've already written to Senator Merkley to point out that he's now supporting a bill that he previously voted against because it was a Republican Senator Enzi who proposed that the old plans truly be grandfathered in. Since he voted AGAINST the same thing he's now supporting, he cannot say he didn't know that Obamacare would cause millions to lose their policies...either that or he admits he votes in total ignorance. I am already working for one of his potential opponents in 2014. I'd love to make him a one term mistake.
AMEN! Oh they've already chased off our previous job provider, the timber industry. They try to restrict farming and our high taxes scare off those wanting to start or expand businesses. Oregon, land of fruits, nuts and flakes...and all of them are the granola that populates Salem.
Not only that, the ad campaign is embarrassingly stupid with cartoon drawings, NO INFORMATION, no way to contact Cover Oregon or find out how to sign up. Of course that might be moot since people can't sign up. Why were the hundreds of thousands wasted on a stupid ad campaign and a non functioning website spent on giving people HEALTH CARE? We have many low income clinics that could use some financial support to help them actually serve sick people. The morons who created Obamacare had no clue how to deliver healthcare. Everything they have done has resulted in the OPPOSITE of the purported objectives. Fewer people are insured and it's more expensive.
It's just a way for militant gays to gin up know like the businesses that were sued for not providing flowers or cakes. Imagine the lawyers salivating over real and imagined anti-gay thoughts. It's the best thing that happened to the legal profession since the ADA. We don't need this law now. 30 years ago maybe. I saw anti-gay employment practices back then. Now the same firm firing gays for being gay (oh they had a made up excuse) are now making them partners.
Have you noticed that everything about the Left and Obamacare PROMOTES being irresponsible? Instead of appealing to our better angels, the Left panders to our most base desires, passions, and destructive activities. From binge drinking, to hook ups, the childish meme is that Uncle Sam's Plantation will protect you from your inherent stupidity. I guess the question is how low can they go? The whole thing is just disgusting, demeaning and degrading to young people.
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