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Why Ezra Klein is an Idiot

Lisa179 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 8:03 PM
"I wear myself out in laughing when I see the human pretzels on the pages of the Post- who actually like to call themselves “wonks”- contort themselves into explanations why Obamacare is a great law, but, alas, just misunderstood. " Ah you must have been channeling Archbishop Chaput who said "Catholics justify themselves (voting for Obama the most pro abortion President in history) with the kind of moral and verbal gymnastics that should qualify as an Olympic event." Amazing how these folks think we do not see right through their Pretzel-;ogic.
What a fool. Had he half the knowledge of those Iowa farmers he disdains, he would have welcomed the chicken and suggested she send reinforcements. Chickens are great bug eaters, they scratch and dig up grubs in the soil. And there are few better fertilizers than chicken s**t which seems to also describe Mr Braley. I hope Iowa has better sense than to send this elite moron to Washington. There are already too many of his ilk there.
The irony is that it's much more likely a white Conservative is attacked for BEING a white Conservative. Oh and even worse a black Conservative. The animus is now beyond skin color and centered on one's politics. No one cares about the level of melanin in Obama's or Holder's or Johnson's skin. They are simply incompetent, corrupt and destructive.
Sadly I think you are right. There is something just WRONG with Obama. His way of thinking is like someone from another world. We have the evil intent of Al Capone with all of the political corruption of Tammany Hall. I recognized his complete lack of heart form the beginning. There is a heart of courage...and he's weak, petulant and petty...never displaying ANY courage of action or conviction. Then there is the heart of compassion, also missing. When I heard this man promoted allowing babies to die after botched abortions so "not to get between a woman and her doctor" I realized this was a complete sociopath looking only to pander to an interest group. Over and over I pleaded with his supporters in 2008. LISTEN TO HIM...he tells you what he wants to do. Unfortunately so many people seemed hypnotized. You would give them quotes...the old 'bitter clinging to their guns and God..." or "spread the wealth around..." and the person would laugh and say oh he doesn't mean that. He did, he does and he will until he's stopped.
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Having a Laugh About Gluten

Lisa179 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 1:25 PM
I agree, follow the money. As someone who watched with horror as the "low fat" craze created a nightmare of obesity and Diabetes when fat was replaced with sugar, I tend to be pretty skeptical by anyone including the government who promotes or prohibits certain foods. FWIW Celiac is not the only reason to avoid gluten. Through blood tests I learned that eating wheat caused other problems and any carbo overload adds to the insulin spiking that may result in the "diabestiy" combo. So be informed and don't jump on the latest bandwagon. If you think you have a problem with a particular type of food, work with a doctor who will do an evaluation, blood tests and help you eliminate certain foods as potential triggers for a bad reaction. As someone also with a friend who is severely compromised by Celiac, I am happy that there are some really tasty no gluten options now. This has expanded greatly and if people are being hoodwinked, some are truly getting a benefit by the expansion in no gluten products.
What is shocking is the reaction by the Left. They are HYSTERICAL. I mean aren't 16 out of 20 methods of birth control enough? Can't these women walk to Walgrens and get PlanB? I tell them when I was 17 years old, living in a small Podunk town, I could find access to IUDs, birth control pills and other forms of ABC...in 1974! We had a county health clinic, Planned Parenthood...no woman need wait and any payment was on a sliding scale. I think most products were a dollar or two at the time. Now we have come 50 years and adult women are reduced to begging...oh please Mr Boss, I can't figure out how to get birth control unless you hand it to me for free! I'm such a helpless little thing dontcha know! What has happened to women who used to be proud they could make decisions and take care of their uterus without being spoon fed by Uncle Sam or the boss? It's pathetic.
If Mr Cochran won through cheating and improper votes, then you should not accept his "win." This election should be thoroughly investigated and if there were Democrates voting in the Republican run off who also voted in the primary, that tells me the win should be nullified and another carefully run election should ensue. If I thought there were actual popular support for Cochran, I wouldn't be so suspicious but there seems to be a lot of shenanigans that accompanied this win. We don't accept Democrats cheating do we?
Not only is Lerner as corrupt as a Mexican drug lord but she doesn't even know the tax law. Why would it be "inappropriate" to pay for Mrs Grassley's attendance? As the lower level IRS agent explained, if it were paid, then it might be income, which Grassley might actually claim as required...so why the suggestion at audit? Further how did SHE get this invitation in the first place? I wonder if someone up or down the food chain threw the bait in front of her, hoping she'd be able to act on it.
Promiscuity is far more prevalent among gay males than any other cohort. Gay males in "committed" partnerships frequently dally with others. I have years of experience in the gay community through and industry where I worked. I had many close gay friends. They were quite candid that their view of sex is nothing remotely related to a man and woman committed for life through a sacramental marriage. Further the sexual activity of gay males spreads STDs far more easily than male female sex. The rectum and lower intestine is far more fragile with surface blood vessels than the woman's vagina. There is a REASON we have males and females who are oriented toward sexual activity with each other. This is true whether it's humans or horses. The previous poster is correct. Gay sex has inherent risks that are far more complex than blaming promiscuity which does occur in homosexuals and heterosexual. The heterosexual AIDS epidemic we were warned about never happened. Those are the facts.
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