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But when you get home from the protest expect yellow tape on front door your guns have been confiscated. The guns are ours as long as the House stays GOP and no SCOTUS conservative Justices die or retire,
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The Depardieu Revolution

lipton7.62 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 3:19 PM
the USA must stop taxing it's citizens who live and work outside the USA. The USA is the ONLY country that does this. It is unfair to people like me who married a resident of a Caribbean island. I can legally work on the island but because I will be double taxed I would have to pay .68% in taxes for each dollar earned. If I renounce my US citizenship It drops to 18% and I can apply for a visa to come home and visit family but this is so unbelievable that I have to choose between my Wife or my Country I love her and will swear never to return to the USA as long as we are together.And now I can open the restaurant without fear I will be too successful and be taxed into bankruptcy again..
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