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A Republican Retreat -- or Rout?

Linkoln Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 10:18 AM
I believe your assessment of the situation is. Spot on. The dems will probably rule for the next 12 years until people finally realize what bad shape we are in by then it will be all too late to change. We need people who want to govern. Not to go to Washington just to better their own fortuned. Look at Biden pelvis etc they became multi millionaires on a govt salary. Term limits. No pension and there will be people running for office to make a difference. Like in Jefferson's time you served 2 years in congress. Paid all your own expenses then went back to your private life. Thurmond, Byrd, frank, etc u get my point
Given the expectations raised by the Republican punditocracy -- that Mitt was headed for a big victory -- the jolt of defeat hit especially hard.

Now, what had seemed an orderly retreat has taken on the aspect of a rout, with Beltway Republicans calling for abandonment of fixed positions all along the line.

After Senate candidates Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri bollixed the question of abortion in cases of rape, Republicans are being counseled to downgrade or dump the social issues. As young people seem to support same-sex marriage, why not be good libertarians and get on board?...