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No one can out debate Michelle Malkin! She knows what is going on, she knows the truth! Read her book "Culture of Corruption", you will find out who the real people are in the WH and their administration!
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"But I Thought I Was Obama Boy!"

Linda648 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 11:00 AM
I loved this, sooo funny! Obama girl from the last election doesn't know if she will vote for him!
The liberals in Congress are already setting this up! They are talking about Florida, how the Republicans don't want people to vote. Give me a break, they don't want dead people and illigals to vote! Voter fraud is already happening in CA. My daughter has been a Republican for 20 years, at the same address for 20 years. This primary she got a booklet listing her as another party. She called, they said the box wasn't checked for party. Really, someone erased her party!
What about when Obama had dinner with the latinos (that paid for their dinner) and they were asked to hurry up and eat before Obama appeared! The secret service took all their knives and forks from them! Wow, Obama trusts them! I wonder if he did this when he was fund raising with the Hollywood elites? No, way!
What the heck are you talking about, you worthless obama loving, liberal! Obama had no experience in private business. Look what he has done to our country! Open your eyes, listen to Rush, Hannity, the other side! Pray that Obama doesn't get 4 more years, we will not have a country!
What is this white folks, bull! These people are so racist themselves!
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