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Auto Bailout Cost Climbs to $25 Billion yet Obama Threatens to Do the Same for Other Industries

Linda359 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 8:53 AM
The government.......................People that are elected by WE THE PEOPLE to proficiently manage the finances, etc., has turned out to a Greed, power grabbing, entity that is totally disregarding their employers....WE The People. Fire every darn one of them. For some reason............they "think" they own our company, the USA Government. Even our President is no more than a hired hand. Government officials need to recognize this.

I’ve been against the auto bailout from the very beginning because it was a corrupt payoff to lazy corporate fat-cats and an ossified union.

And when folks on the left say the bailout is a success, I explain that any industry can be propped up with a sufficiently large injection of other people’s money.

Now we have new data on how much “other people’s money” has been diverted. It’s a big number, and it seems to get bigger each time there’s a new estimate. Here’s part of a Reuters...