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Overreach by Unions in Wisconsin

Linda292 Wrote: May 25, 2012 7:42 AM
I agree. As a former member of the teacher's union, it always chagrined my that my union dues were being used to support candidates that I could not in good conscience vote for. I felt that I had no voice.

The Wisconsin recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is not going quite like the unions and the Democratic Party expected. Back in 2011, many pundits thought that the governor had overreached when he took on public employee unions, restricting -- though not eliminating -- collective bargaining rights. But he did so because he inherited a state in dire financial shape with a deficit of $3.6 billion and public employee pensions and benefits that threatened to bankrupt the state.

When a Republican-controlled legislature tried to pass legislation to rein in the abuses, Democratic representatives literally fled the state to...