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Maybe you should read more and watch cartoons less.
Yes. Thim always tells, doesn't it?
It is disrespectful to refer to President Obama as "Obummer". It is also unoriginal and unfunny.
They are both educated men with many years of experience. Therefore, your comments are false. And childish. Intelligent discourse, please.
Why do you feel it necessary to dictate our reactions by giving us those of media pundits? Who the hell cares what Peggy Noonan or Gloria Borger think? They don't know any more than the rest of us. We saw what we saw. Biden was aggressive, Ryan was passive. Biden seemed more knowledgeable and Ryan didn't seem to be able to give any specifics. Ryan said something patently false or ridiculous and Biden, rightly, laughed at him. We should all be laughing at him - he has no idea what he's pitching.
For what purpose? Some of us (the smart people) can address issues without gunplay.
Scumbag. Is that intelligent discourse? (Hint: no)
What in the world is HarryReidsRectum? Is that your idea of humor? Because, frankly, it's just stupid.
Yep. The straight "party of limited government" line. Unless they want to do something blatantly unconstitutional.
Under what circumstance are they demanding "more"? They demand equal and civil rights and those are deserved, but we all deserve those. If you want to predictably assert that they are demanding welfare or something, remember that there are far, far more white people on public assistance.
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