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Something more is going on here. Maybe they are trying to clean house before the elections. Holder knows all the cases everyone is working on right? As many speculated, they will find dirt on republicans just before the elections. If your a republican with ANYTHING you think might cause you a problem, even if you don't think you did anything wrong, have it checked. You will get busted if you didn't cross a t. Especially watch for states where democrats are in trouble. If fact, the RNC chairman Should write an opt ed for WSJ or NYT making this case. I'd mention those democrats like Reid have already gotten away with crimes and it was swept under the rug. Look at the Kennedy's. How many people would have gotten away with all that those people got away with. When a republican does something wrong, they should be gone that day. Sanford makes South Carolina look bad. OR Maybe one or few of these cases are worse and/or involve more than the people charged; Maybe prominent people who will lead them higher up the ladder. They can claim they got the bad guys, when maybe they want the case closed, charging only the little guy. You have to have the mind of a corrupt, lying, cheating, heartless, and evil liberal marxist to figure out what these people are capable of. Then you have to think in a more cruel way. These people don't care about the pain a baby 9 months in the womb experiences, so anything and everything goes. Power, money, and pleasure is their goal, and it will never be satisfied. Think satans satan.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Linda2808 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 8:37 PM
Never say impossible. I think the people are really angry. Democrats I know are also angry. So many things could happen. If we win bigger than expected, democrats who are up for 2016 might dump o and vote to get rid of zerocare.
This is a riot http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/03/13/mitch-mcconnell-wants-to-punch-conservatives-in-the-face-new-attack-ad-says/
That's because the left gives the people who vote for them free stuff. We just want our freedoms. Debt puts you in chains and our kids will live under those chains. If we go along to get along the democrats get all they want. No man, especially cowardly politicians, are more important than our kids futures.
If rinos and those in power would really fight we would have no arguments, but they criticize those who are willing to fight. These leaders played political games instead of going after the real enemy of freedom, they go after the fighters of Obama. If they don't want to fight get out of the way. They have let the left spend us into oblivion. Leaders make speeches, but don't act. Why? They, left and rinos would have to be peons like us. They would lose there goodies. Within 2 weeks of zerocare being passed, they worked with democrats to make sure they didn't have to live under zerocare. These people are in it for power and money.
You rino lovers are pathetic. You chose old establishment cowards to lead you instead of fighters who are willing to get bloodied to defend our freedoms. I hope you know how to answer your children and grandchildren when they ask you why republicans let the debt get to $25 trillion by the end of zeros term. Why they you could see a dr within days while they have to wait months. You didn't want rinos to lose their DC invite to cocktail parties or Cadillac healthcare. Heck they have a dr clinic pharmacy at the house of rep. That is how spoiled they've become. I call my dr and if really sick can get in the same day. Look at the rate of death in socialist countries. Was the rinos worth that?
From redstate “An attack on SCF or any Tea Party organization or Ted Cruz or Mike Lee is an attack on all of us,” Kremer said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. This is nothing new. They continue to attack us and I don’t understand why when Harry Reid just invoked the nuclear option yesterday and Obamacare is crumbling at the seams and we should have them on the run. Why are they now attacking the Tea Party movement? They need to remember that John Boehner and the Republicans would not be in control of the House if it weren’t for the Tea Party movement and the conservative grassroots movement. I know that Leader McConnell is up for re-election but the Tea Party movement is strong in his state. There is already a Tea Party Senator in the state of Kentucky that defeated the establishment candidate in the primary. So it’s silly to go and attack Tea Partiers and conservative grassroots because they’ve already proven themselves strongly there in the state of Kentucky as well as the state of Texas and other places across the country. You cannot win without us. To continue to attack us is like, it’s just ridiculous. At the end of the day, we all know what it’s about: It’s about power, control and money. It’s what makes Washington tick. The grassroots outside is having a huge influence in them losing them, and we all know that Washington doesn’t like to lose control.
He may be a very nice person, but he won't fight for us. When you have a dictator wanna be in office, you fight before he is a dictator. Can't you see the laws obama has broken? Rinos refuse to fight. Why is the left so focused on taking away guns? We won't be able to fight a tyrannical government. Wake up and look around we're losing our country to people too gullible and think it can't happen here. Is the establishment more important than our freedoms? Do you want to go down without a vicious political fight? Look around the world. Dictators are rising up with a bitter hand. Why is o so enamored with them? He is friendlier with dictators and thugs than with the right-even rinos. Wake up before it's too late. God help this nation open their blinded eyes!
"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government…" When did the Republican Party become like the democrats? Vote blindly and follow a person because they had an R behind their name? We see our reps and senators not stand up for the people's interest and don't call them out on it because they have claim to be conservative. DC plays lots of political games. True conservatives are not low value or low info voters like democrats are. We watch our leaders and throw them out when they don't stand for our principals any longer. Or fight. Fight or get out of the way! The only ones willing to fight are tea partiers and they are hated by rinos. They've been caught with there hand in the cookies jar and have to crushed by rinos. Why are the peons stuck with zerocare and politicians get the goodies? Within a few weeks after zerocare became law the rinos joined the dems to make sure they got their goodies. Rinos refuse to let the tea party hold back the freedoms being stripped from us, why? That would mean they would be a peon like us. They wanted to be friends "with the people across the aisle". We did not send them there to make friends, but to stand up to the democrats and stop the spending and corruption. What will become of our children? Our children are in debt before they start school. Don't at lease you people with kids care that rinos let dems roll over them? Is the Republican Party more important than your kids future? How is that different then democrats. It's worse. At least dem voters get free stuff. We working people have to pay for the left and the rinos free ride. Democrat voters are political prostitutes. Rino followers give it out for free. Wonder how many of you arguing here are paid and really don't care. It's the newest thing in political technology. Paid people to take a stand against someone something and berate them. Some conservatives who are not well grounds on their beliefs fall into this trap. All the true conservative I know will not follow a party over our family, faith and constitution. Others are paid bloggers, and others are just plain ignorant. God help us!
You mean when Christie was kissing obamas butt on the beach?
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