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Go the link and check out the 'map'.....notice that the south and south east has the most markers.....they're going after Christianity in the 'heartland' of the Bible belt. Great article; share this with your Christian friends and encourage them to check out the embedded links.
What are their names?
Last week I e-mailed my Republican Senator and issued my concern of the number of muslims that are within the Obama administration who are 'advisors'. Well, it is soooo nice to know that we are an equal opportunity employer and that he had no problem with muslims within the WH....aka....our House. These are 'appointed' positions. I am at a loss. We ARE being destroyed from within.
Oh, I LOVE the 'valley girl' reference!! Ha!
Check out Rev. Franklin Graham's interview with Gretta on Fox Tuesday night. I believe he finally said what the rest of think. Is he a Christian....check out his 'fruit'. Is he a muslim....how are the 'winds blowing'?
Scripture...what comes out of the mouth is in the heart.
He is in power because he is 'black'.
Shucks...not sure why we are even wasting our time talking about this.....establishment GOP has already made their decision.
Sorry....none of these light my fire!
Doug.....as a person who studies the Bible, this might be the most 21st century evaluation of David and Goliath that I have ever read! Awesome! Thank you for taking a 'story' as some call the Old Testament and making it a reality for those who need to see the light more real. I'm sharing this with my Pastor! Happy New Year!
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