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The ends justify the means.
Stop calling it Immigration Reform. The President and the Dems in the Senate are not interested in Reforming the Immigration system. They are only interested in creating a mechanism to legitimize any resident non citizen. Secure the border? Nope! Implement visitor visa tracking system? Nope! Create a guest worker program? Nope! Grant amnesty and legal status to all? YES!
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Colin Powell Pulls the Race Card, Again

Linda1357 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 10:44 AM
This coming from the man who was begged by the Republican Party to run for President and he turned it down because he said his wife feared for their life. He has been 'seeing' racists everywhere since entering civilian life. He may have been a great military leader but he obviously fears for his personal safety and has identified his black skin as a target. I feel sorry for him, this is getting embarrassing.
Showing his true moderate, progressive 'Republican' streak. Give a politician a problem and see if he jumps on the 'government fix' bandwagon.
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Obama's Electronic Medical Records Scam

Linda1357 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 10:14 AM
When your comfortable with the Federal Government and all it's parts knowing what your medical condition/treatment\t/prognosis is, then you can be complacent about EMR. Don't worry about getting that phone call telling you your cancer treatment is no longer cost effective or your BMI has triggered a mandatory insurance surcharge and corresponding reduction in your health benefits. The Nazi's collected all kinds of data to be used for 'state' purposes to improve the master race. Is this not where we're headed?
We fought for equal rights and equal pay, we burned our bra's in protest. Now our job performance can't be criticized by men because were women? Sure, equality is fine as long as we can keep our protected status as the feminine sex. Hey guys, you still need to open our doors, and stand when we enter the room, pull out our chairs when we sit but you damn well better not deny us our reproductive and financial equality. (sarcasm intended) These 'women' make me sick!
And ideologically pure libertarians will fall for this every time. Just ask a Ron Paul zealot who they are going to vote for in November. Just try to sound logical about deficits, Obama-care and Supreme Court judges. The only answer for this is to make sure EVERY republican casts a vote. In my district we are lucky if 45% of registered republicans get to the polls. We need the Montana tea party to make sure every single republican votes! EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN.
In 1954 Senator Lyndon Johnson introduced an amendment to the Tax Code (without debate or analysis) that prohibited church endorsement of candidates even from the pulpit on penalty of losing their tax exempt status. This law has NEVER be enforced by the IRS who is obviously afraid any action would eventually end in a decision by the Supreme Court. It is easy to pass unconstitutional laws and use them as coercion and leverage against the target population as in this case. We would not have had a revolution if not for our pastors speaking from the pulpit against unjust actions by the King. We would not have abolished slavery or fought a civil way to protect the republic if not for the conviction of Pastors speaking from the pulpit.
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Obama in Cahoots With Known Terrorists

Linda1357 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 5:15 PM
As one upcoming politician once asked, 'Are the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. the same as the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East?' This ignorance and dangerous blind spot when it comes to the so called 'freedom fighters' in the middle east needs to be called out and exposed. Don't be fooled for one minute! The current administration and some of our past administrations would like to think that we can reason with these players to negotiate a peaceful co-existence. There is no such thing.
It is not a failure to grasp the math of rising revenue vs higher tax rates. Referring back to Candidate Obama's interview regarding the question of why would he propose increasing capital gains tax if it's proven that it will reduce revenue into the government, he answered 'Because it's the right thing to do." Progressive liberals don't want free market, capitalist systems to work, they are determined to destroy the free market so they can 'level the playing field' by punishing (taxing) the high achievers.
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